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29. June 2015

The High School Lessing-Gymnasium in the district... Read more

12. June 2015

„Highly complex but uncomplicated at the same time“... Read more

21. May 2015

The APA Architects Partner Award was presented to... Read more


sedo-ref-bison-aussen2390x390.jpg sedo-ref-bison-aussen2390x390.jpg sedo-ref-bison-aussen2390x390.jpg sedo-ref-bison-aussen2390x390.jpg  

Bison AG, Businesspark Sursee

Bison AG, Businesspark Sursee, Sursee
BayerischerLandtag_01_390x390.jpg BayerischerLandtag_01_390x390.jpg BayerischerLandtag_01_390x390.jpg BayerischerLandtag_01_390x390.jpg  

Bayerischer Landtag

Bayerischer Landtag, Munich
OrangerieErlangen_01_Vorschau_390x390.jpg OrangerieErlangen_01_Vorschau_390x390.jpg OrangerieErlangen_01_Vorschau_390x390.jpg OrangerieErlangen_01_Vorschau_390x390.jpg  

Orangerie Erlangen

Orangerie Erlangen, Erlangen

The Brunner Group offers you contract furniture solutions for all kinds of public spaces: be it for offices, cafeterias, concert halls, airport, lounges or event locations - Brunner always has the right answer: exclusive designer furniture made from high-end materials. Our benchmarks: highest quality, vanguard design, ideal interior design of spaces - adapted to the architectural concept, comfort, sustainability and social and ecological responsibility. The masterminds of Brunner furniture are leading innovative European designers and architects: Archirivolto, osko+deichmann, Martin Ballendat, jehs+laub – to name but a few of our artists: distinguished winners of major Design Awards. This creativity interacts with our long-standing experience as a family enterprise to create unique product lines. We provide you with contract furniture that is perfectly suited to your needs: ergonomic office chairs, conference furniture in stylish colours and finishes, back-friendly seating for gastronomy and much more. Our references range from the Qatar National Convention Centre and the Rechts der Isar University Hospital to the KfW Bankengruppe in Frankfurt am Main.

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