Pure design reduced to the minimum: The sculptural stool features offer flexible seating and strengthens the back.

Three identically shaped pieces of molded wood combined with an elegant sweep to form a seat: that’s hoc, the modern interpretation of the archetypal stool. Pure and reduced to the max. A sculpture rather than a mere piece of furniture. Its form, open to all sides, offers flexible seating, back-strengthening and creating room for relaxed conversation. hoc is manufactured in top quality and is appropriate for every ambience.

Design: jehs+laub

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  • classy, top-quality stool made from molded beech or oak wood 
  • depending on the finish available in: natural lacquer, stained, matte or opaque varnish 
  • design reduced to the max – featuring a comfortable seat liner (optional) 
  • available in two heights




hoc is available in two different heights: as a bar stool featuring a comfortable circular foot support, and as a low stool without foot support. The lower version even allows stacking.

Highlighting the reduced and straight lines of visual expression: the veneer structure of the wood.

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