Brunner shows its colours.

A journey through materials and options.

They blend in everywhere: the colours. More than 1000 shades give our covers, plastic elements and wood and metal components the desired effect in each instance: accented or homely and cosy, elegant, extravagant, refreshing or skilfully CI-compliant. They feature in the form of thread, fleece or plastic, as paint, stain or laminate shades, decorations, veneer and as light or dark chroming, making sure to strike the perfect tone.

Trendy fabrics in highest quality

Our soft skills.

We cover comfortable, ergonomically shaped upholstery in fine thread or textured, woven fabrics with a pleasing feel. There are also traditional covers in exquisite nappa leather or select cowhide – striking, breathable and easy care. High-quality faux leather, punchy and durable, round off the portfolio. A total of 38 fabric, leather and faux leather types are available in over 940 colours. For more stringent hygiene and safety requirements, selected versions also offer stain protection, either built in or applied as a finish, and are flame-resistant in accordance with fire protection classification 1.

Firm hold: wood, non-woven fabric, plastic and metal

Every piece is unique.

Wherever non-woven fabric is used, it impresses with its lightness, an extraordinarily cosy look in four harmonious colours, the seating comfort of upholstery, and the strength of a plastic seat shell.

Fitting: Our plastics are actually a work of art in themselves considering the delicate shapes, bright colours, and demand-driven non-slip matt or easy-care smooth finish that they make possible. The result is aesthetically pleasing, yet extremely robust furniture that, in exceptional cases, can even be glass fibre reinforced and weatherproof.

Always on top: decorations, veneers, glass

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