50Hertz Transmission

Berlin, Germany, 2016

Innovative Working Environments – Flexible, Communicative, and Open

In the new Berlin corporate headquarters of 50Hertz, furniture made by Brunner supports the open and transparently designed office landscapes.

The interior decoration concept reflects the company's transition from a classic employer towards a contemporary one, from a cell office layout towards the Open Space.

Timo Nerger, architect, Kinzo, Berlin

At a prominent location right in the heart of Berlin, between Berlin Central Station, KunstCampus and the government quarter, 50Hertz Transmission constructed their new corporate headquarters. The building, designed by Graz (Austria) architect Mark Jenewein consists of a seven-storey, L-shaped basic building plus a six-storey tower. Characteristic: the supporting structure, placed at the outside of the building and thus visible from afar, consists of white slanting concrete pillars.

Now, the 650 staff working for this power transmission grid operator can spread out on 13 floors of open and transparently designed office environments. The interior design was developed by the Berlin architectural firm Kinzo, together with the employees. The aim was to create a flexible, communicative and varied working environment. On each floor, they now have the option to work together in small circles or larger groups, and there are places to retreat to for phone conversations and confidential talks.

The matching furnishings were sourced from furniture specialist Designfunktion Berlin, who equipped the communication zones with the variable lounge system banc made by Brunner. It allows establishing seating landscapes that are open to all sides or discretely partitioned. For informal talks, hoc stand-up tables and bar stools have been deployed. The conference rooms were to be equipped with variably deployable chairs and flexible table systems featuring special media connectivity and easily accessible electrification. The Brunner A-Chair and the conference table systems fina conference and torino fulfill all requirements. And comfortable crona easy chairs make for a cosy atmosphere in the offices.

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