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Betriebsrestaurant WGV Stuttgart

Stuttgart, Germany, 2014

Old and New Skilfully Combined

In the new WGV company restaurant, buena nova chairs and tables link the historical building fabric to modern design.

buena nova in its stained dark walnut version offers a beautiful contrast to the modern design ambience.

Claudia Behrens, pahl büro & objekt, Stuttgart


Since the 1970s, the Württembergische Gemeinde-Versicherung a.G. (WGV ), a communal insurance company, has its headquarters at Tübinger Strasse in Stuttgart. Over the years, the headquarters building underwent several renovations and extensions. Most recently, the building complex has been complemented by two six-storey office buildings and a new company restaurant serving the nearly 1000 employees.

This restaurant consists of the Alte Wache – the old guard-house, a listed brick building at the southwest corner of the property dating back to 1890 which formerly housed a police station – and a directly adjacent one-storey new construction made up of three levels slightly offset against each other. With the new company restaurant, the Berlin architectural firm of Hascher Jehle have skilfully mediated between the historic and the modern, and revitalised the Alte Wache which had previously fallen into disuse for many years. The new building’s terraced layout has made it possible to realise a differentiated landscape seating some 300 people, offering room for small circles just like for long dining table arrangements.

The restaurant has been equipped with the elegant solid wood series buena nova. The beech wood chairs and tables stained dark walnut are a perfect match for both the dark wooden floor and for the windows of the former police station. At the same time, they form an exciting contrast to the modern ambience of the new building flooded with light. The table tops with their white HPL surfaces skilfully bridge the gap between the dark floor and the light-coloured walls and ceilings. Special highlights among the harmonious furnishings are hoc stand-up tables with bar stools also stained in dark hues, as well as cross central column tables in various formats.

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