Clinic Gais

Gais, Switzerland, 2020.

Gais Clinic at the heart of the Swiss countryside specialises in rehabilitation and treatment relating to cardiology, psychosomatics and psychiatry, internal medicine and oncology.

With a view to being better equipped to meet patients’ ever-changing needs, a new building was added to the facility in 2018. The clinic was also refurbished in 2019 and now has around 200 beds. Having been taken over by the Kliniken Valens Foundation on 1 January 2020, Gais Clinic is now part of one of the largest rehabilitation institutions in Switzerland.

Brunner was on hand to provide all kinds of furniture when the building project was underway to help create a pleasant atmosphere. The basic, break, crona, magna, taceo and wellano products can be found in the rooms, waiting areas, café corners and elsewhere throughout the clinic.


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