KIT learning centre

Karlsruhe, Germany, 2014

Functional Space for Research Learning

The new KIT learning centre, offering lots of room for communicative learning and individual work, is equipped with delicate Brunner furniture.

The learning centre represents money wisely invested.

Theresia Bauer, Minister of Science, Research and the Arts for the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart

Since the introduction of the G8 high school system, we’ve been seeing twofold high-school diploma (Abitur) classes resulting in capacity bottlenecks at the universities. That’s why in July 2014, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) opened a new learning centre for chemistry and biological sciences. The new building, designed by Berlin architect Reiner Becker, provides 200 students with room for their work. It was the goal to realise the idea of research learning, providing rooms both for communicative learning and for learning in small groups or even individual learning.

The core of the learning centre is an open area offering three floors of modern and functional workplaces. Lounge corners are inviting to take a break or have a conversation. There are also several seminar rooms. In sync with the straightforward and functional architecture, the learning centre was equipped with Brunner furniture. The contract furniture specialist Brunner won the day with milano tables featuring delicate frames as well as with tailor-made table sizes and innovative special solutions. A case in point: loops attached to the milano table frames for securely fastening laptops to protect them from theft.

The open learning areas have been equipped with fina swivel chairs to go with the milano tables. Matching the tables, the fina seat shells received a grey-white colour varnish coating. The lounge areas were designed with comfortable grato seating benches. With their brown leather covers, they set a discreet coloured accent. In the foyer, hoc stand-up tables and bar stools are inviting informal exchanges. The seminar rooms are also equipped with milano tables and fina sled-base chairs, complemented by torino nesting tables.

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