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Porsche Museum, Stuttgart

Stuttgart, Germany, 2012

Flexible with a Slim Silhouette

Brunner seating furniture underlines the different character of the two Porsche Museum restaurants.

fina’s slim silhouette is in perfect harmony with the Porsche design.

Philip Brunner, Brunner Group

Only three supporting columns keep the dynamic monolithic building practically bursting with power as if floating in mid-air, like a sculpture stopping in mid-motion. This white building fits neatly into the series of spectacular automobile museums newly erected over the past few years, and it exemplifies technical perfection and uniqueness, both traits that made the Porsche brand world famous. The interior, too, is kept in white. The exhibition hall resembles a spatial landscape, with varying levels, curves, staircases, ramps and bridges. At the same time, the complex structural static enabled the architects to create a room without the support of pillars or separating walls, allowing a free overview over the 80 cars on display.

fina in Boxenstopp
There will hardly be a museum visitor who will not want to take a snack or a good meal after the overwhelming impressions of the exhibition. For this, there’s a choice of two restaurants. Right next to the foyer, there’s the Boxenstopp. The name indicates the concept: light cuisine, quickly prepared and served. In a room flooded with light, the white of the walls creates a nice contrast to the light-green splashes of colour of the bench seat upholstery and the dark, warm hues of the parquet floor. This warm tone is taken up by the seat shells of the fina chairs made by Brunner. Not only the slim silhouette which gives the chairs its delicate lightness convinced the owner, but “also our flexibility in reacting quickly and adapting to the client’s wishes”, reports Philip Brunner, who developed the interior decoration of the two restaurants together with Porsche.

spring as a premium special edition
The gourmet restaurant Christopherus located on the museum gallery exudes a refined sense of cosiness. Striking: the red Porsche leather. Before Brunner chair spring could be deployed here, it was fine-tuned by hand to meet the client’s specifications: matching the already existing seating bench, the chairs were equipped with a red leather cover, the seat height was harmonized with that of the bench and the wood was stained darker. Both prototypes were tested extensively in both restaurants, which led to some further refinements – now the Brunner chairs are convincing thanks to their outstanding design and quality.

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