Robert Bosch GmbH

Leinfelden, Germany, 2013

Black-and-White Unity

The modernised Bosch Training Centre with its company restaurant combines many different Brunner products to form one unified whole.

Brunner was able to offer optimal solutions for the synergy we needed for our company restaurant and training centre.

Jochen Pfiszter, architect, KOP GmbH, Weinstadt

As the number of participants increased, the Bosch Power Tools Training Centre in Leinfelden reached the limits of its capacity. Similarly, the company restaurant housed in the same building was not able to provide sufficient space for all employees when their number hit the 1,800 mark. That’s why KOP GmbH (Weinstadt) initiated a project to have both Training Centre and company restaurant enlarged and modernised. In the process, two spacious auditoriums were created, seating several hundred visitors. In the summer of 2013, the new rooms were opened and have been in use since.

Thanks to its coherence of form and function across several product series, and thanks to the great variety of accessories and colour choices, Brunner was able to provide the furniture of choice. In the training area, comfortable stacking chair hero has been deployed, perfectly representing the colour concept with its basic colours of black and white. The special challenge in furnishing the company restaurant consisted in cleverly combining the existing furniture with the new series. Furthermore, the refectory area was to be structured into several zones which should still present a visual coherence in terms of colour.

The existing chairs from the fox series sported laminated beech wood seat shells stained cream white and black; they are now complemented by bar stools and stand-up tables from the we_talk series. Black-and-white salsa stacking chairs and comfortable cala easy chairs create additional zones, structuring the refectory according to different needs. In addition, matching movable bench elements were developed, allowing a flexible use of the available space.

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