Schmiedhof Alm

Zell am See, Austria, 2015

Open, Clear Design at 1,720 m Above Sea Level

The new Schmiedhof Alm is a beacon of modern architecture – perfectly underscored by the unique A-Chair.

The new modernity – mountain restaurant of the future.

Friedrich Mayr-Szummer, Managing Director of Schmiedhof Alm, Zell am See

The history of Schmiedhof Alm starts in 1969 when Bruno Mayr opened his little ski hut near the Schmittenhöhe summit. Along with the steady expansion of the ski area above Zell am See, this ski hut expanded as well to become a noteworthy restaurant. However, work processes could no longer be handled efficiently within this somewhat dated Alpine restaurant. So the family decided on a partial demolition and new construction. In doing so, they favoured a modern type of architecture linking clarity, openness and transparency, quite untypical of Alpine huts.

The new building, designed by Dornbirn architectural firm ARSP and opened in October 2015, sports lots of light-coloured wood and an impressive self-supporting roof spanning the large restaurant area. It is solely supported by the mighty wooden composite elements forming the walls. In combination with the large panorama windows, this has created an open, generous room which lends itself to flexible usage and which opens up a fantastic view of the High Tauern. In line with this new Alpine hut concept, the restaurant area seating 250 was to be equipped with modern furniture matching the Alpine wood.

The chair of choice is the A-Chair made by Brunner, with its robust glass fibre reinforced frame. With its slate-grey colour, this modern stacking chair creates a nice contrast to the light-coloured wood. Throughliner upholstery, on some chairs in dark red as a colour accent, assures a high level of seating comfort. Bar benches and bar stools of the we_talk series create seating at the bar, the only fixed element beside the wood stove. For flexible use during events, cross stand-up tables and verona bar stools complement the furnishings.

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