Sektkellerei Rotkäppchen Mumm

Freyburg, Germany, 2016

Modern Design in an Industrial Landmark Rife With Tradition

At the Rotkäppchen Sparkling Wine Cellars, hero stacking chairs featuring red upholstery covers perfectly correspond with the historic ambience.

The chair model hero creates a felicitous unity with the colour concept of the historic atrium.

Kathrin Herrmann, Regional Head of Sales, Brunner GmbH, Bernburg

The Rotkäppchen Sparkling Wine Cellars in Freyburg are among the oldest in Germany, founded back in 1856 by Moritz and Julius Kloss together with Carl Foerster in the Saale-Unstrut wine-growing region. Over the years, the former wine merchant’s shop developed into an impressive architectural complex consisting of five-storey cellars built into the rock formation, a listed atrium with its roof structured by glass sheets, and the mighty vault, featuring Germany’s largest wooden barrel for making a cuvée in a sparkling wine production. The complex was built in 1896 to house the gargantuan barrel coopered from 25 mighty oak trees and containing a total of 120,000 litres.

Today, the various rooms are used to host events. Apart from the atrium seating up to 745 people and the vault cellar with its 138 seats, there is also a cellar theatre for up to 168 spectators. All three rooms were to receive new chairs, creating a uniform look. Important in this respect: The characteristic red colour of the red cap on top of the sparkling wine bottle corks was to be reflected by the chairs. Moreover, the chairs were supposed to be lightweight, allowing fast row-linking by the set-up crew.

Delicate-looking stacking chair hero finished first as the chair of choice, since it perfectly fulfils all these requirements. It is easy to handle while providing a high level of seating comfort. Matching the grey industrial floor of the atrium, the laminated beech wood shell was stained pearl grey. This serves as a great contrast for the characteristic Rotkäppchen red of the upholstery covers, letting them come perfectly into their own. Thanks to the innovative multi-function element, up to 20 chairs may be stacked vertically on top of each other. The stacked chairs are centre-aligned, protecting the metal parts of the delicate frame.

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