Tour Total, Berlin

Berlin, Germany, 2012

Discerning Working Environment

Elegant, ergonomic and multi-media ready: Brunner furniture in the lobby, in conference rooms and Boardroom offices of Tour Total.

Thanks to their plain, timeless design, the chairs blend in perfectly with the straight-lined architecture.

Philip Brunner, Brunner Group (on why the owner chose Brunner furniture)

Its vertical silhouette apparently slightly twisted, its façade consisting of plastically shaped white concrete elements – the new high-rise building Tour Total at the Europaplatz in Berlin, Germany, designed by Barkow Leibinger architects, turns many heads. In autumn 2012, the German headquarters of Total, the French oil and gas group, moved into the 69 metre high building as its main tenant. In the prestigious lobby, a ceramic tile wall relief reflects the plasticity of the exterior façade; here, the architects managed to create a clear and timeless elegance with only a few light colours and high-class materials. The lobby design presents in a nutshell what characterises the entire building: light clarity.

When it came to furnishing the conference rooms and Boardroom offices, Brunner furniture was selected. first class and finasoft chairs, and the torino folding table harmoniously blend in with the character of the rooms, following the clear design principles of the Tour Total high-rise building. For the conference floor, first class was selected. With its red upholstery cover, it marks a colourful accent, and thanks to the invisible frame linking, it is also very versatile. torino can be easily combined, allowing flexible deployment in the most diverse working scenarios. It is sturdy, definitely having a premium look. Equipped with the Multi-Media Integration System MIS, this table system moreover ideally facilitates visual information sharing. At the Boardroom level, two finasoft versions provide comfortable seating: the slim and elegant conference armchair as well as the dynamic cantilever model.

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