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Youth hostel Bayreuth

Bayreuth, Germany, 2017

Innovative Design for Integrated Living

The new youth hostel in Bayreuth is unique in many ways. Brunner furniture complements the functional, modern design.

A-Chair and twin fit perfectly in the exceptional architecture without detracting from it.

LAVA, Berlin, Germany

The first inclusive youth hostel in Germany opened in Bayreuth last summer. Not only does it set new standards, with its consistent focus on the needs of people with disabilities, but it is also a contemporary, functional reinterpretation of what a youth hostel is, with ambitious design features. The old youth hostel was beyond repair. Under the leadership of the LAVA architectural bureau, Berlin, it was replaced, in just two years, by a modern Y-shaped new build, which fits beautifully into the landscape.

Two two-storey wings, each around 30 metres long, radiate out like the arms of a star from a central atrium with an exposed timber frame. On the ground floor, they provide room for 45 modular rooms with flexible wooden wall elements, to give a total of 180 beds. 13 rooms have been equipped for disabled use, and one room is designed for maximum accessibility. The internal and external spaces are linked by terraces. The top floors of the two wings is where you will find, among other things, the training area, which is furnished with top-quality Brunner furniture, just like the dining hall in the foyer.

Functionally designed “twin” stacking chairs are used in the dining hall. These sturdy GRP chairs are robust and durable, and have an impressive Italian design. The training rooms have also been furnished with A-Chair GRP stacking chairs. These chairs give the impression that they have been cast in one piece, and their slender legs fit seamlessly into any design concept. The through liner also ensures maximum seating comfort. The furnishings also include sturdy, stackable 4less four-legged tables.

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