Logistics centre.


The Brunner Group’s continued healthy growth has created the necessity for more warehouse capacity. The first phase of a 25-year master plan to further develop the Brunner company’s Rheinau site began in May 2017 when work started on a new logistics centre on the L87 highway, one kilometre away from the main site in Rheinau. This new building will bring the logistic operations in line with the very latest standards, optimise processes and raise delivery capabilities. In future, raw materials will be stored using the 4,000 storage spaces then picked and made available for production using just-in-time processes.


As part of a site development master plan drafted by the HENN architecture office, the decision was taken to build a new logistics centre comprising warehouse facilities, offices and social spaces, which should ease the future situation at the plant site.

Its planning was conducted in cooperation with Porsche Consulting, an international agency specialising in lean management methodology to ensure effective processes and interconnected concepts. Two thirds of the interior area of the 3,500-square-metre floor space is earmarked for a narrow-aisle pallet racking system with up to 4,000 pallet storage spaces – all linked up with latest technology such as a fibre optic connection. This will guarantee data transfer in real time between the new logistics centre and the plant site – ensuring the optimised storage and delivery of furniture components. Planned to run between the logistics centre and the main site are in-house controlled, streamlined deliveries using small commercial vehicles.




Building structure

The one-storey building with a height of around 10.4 metres will be divided into the following areas: warehouse with narrow-aisle pallet racking system, office space with appropriate social areas, and technical areas. The large hall will offer room for the incoming goods picking area and the rack storage space. Centralised delivery in the new building will take place at ramp-equipped, commercial vehicle docking stations in a south-facing logistics yard.

Roof & Façade

From an architectural point of view, the building’s main focus will be the high-quality metal and glass façade. The closed sections of the building will feature a light façade cladding incorporating smooth insulated metal panels. The vertical window strips in the main entrance area and the building’s southeast corner will form part of a transom-mullion construction, thus emphasising its relationship to the Innovation Factory at the main site. Horizontal window strips with windows that may be opened for the office and work break areas on the west façade will be clad with perforated sheet metal. Preventing the windows reflecting towards the bird protection area will also be taken.