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Erich Bähner Haus

Pforzheim, Germany, 2020.

The Erich Bähner Haus, located in the centre of the Arlinger district of Pforzheim, Germany, was completed in 2019 after around two years of construction. The Haus is a care home offering 60 places to senior citizens, which are evenly split across four living zones. It boasts a café and ten apartments that have not only been adapted to the needs of elderly residents, but also offer access to a roof garden.

Functional yet homely Brunner furniture was chosen for the facility. In the café one can find banc seat elements and tables, along with a large, round spira table and easy-to-clean twin plastic chairs.  Armchairs, sofas and tables from the crona lounge series encourage residents to get together in comfort, while also adding a stylish pop of colour.

The staff room features a ray table conference table and fina sled-base chairs as well as crona lounge armchairs with valet side tables, creating space for large meetings and informal chats alike.

Pieces from the break, crona steel, taceo and valet series, plus the fina collection, complete the furnishings.

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