GDF Suez

Wilhelmshaven, Germany, 2012

Functional and Representative

Brunner furniture deployed throughout the new administration and social building of GDF Suez Deutschland.

Corresponding Clarity of Architecture and Furniture Design.

Wolfgang Kriegs, architect and Managing Director of Lindemann Projektnet, Berlin


The administration and social building of the coal- fired power plant in Wilhelmshaven which will go into operation in 2013 is a white, elongated and partially 2-floor building intended to fulfil functional and representative purposes. The 113 m long building is surrounded by the powerful, vertically rising industrial buildings of the power plant. Fair faced concrete and the anodised aluminium window frames are the hallmark of the exterior façade of this office building. In its overall perspec- tive, the building comes across as modern and functional, while also being characterised by a discreet elegance and a sense of high quality. The interior follows the same concept. The colour white plays an outstanding role: it is the constant design element throughout the interior of the building, with variations by different accentuating colours as well as shades of grey and warm wood hues.

Harmonious overall solution: tables and chairs in correspondence with the matter-of-fact, modern architecture

“A consistent sense of the material is also reflected in the furniture, which corresponds with the Functional and Representative Brunner furniture deployed throughout the new administration and social building of GDF Suez Deutschland clear-cut architecture of the administration and social building”, states Wolfgang Kriegs, the architect and Managing Director of Lindemann Projektnet, responsible for the interior concept. “Contemporary design and functionality was top priority in our choice of furniture.” For representa- tive purposes as well, the planner selected the ideal furniture from the Brunner product portfolio. In the elegant reception area, visitors can take a seat on a 3-seater grato bench, which in its leather version is a singularly appropriate piece of furniture for representative areas. In the canteen, there’s milanolight – an all-purpose chair, just as comfortable as it is aesthetic. For the conference area with its high-class equipment, tempus turned out to be the chair of choice, a comfortable swivel chair with leather upholstery. With all the series, the planner is fascinated by the great variety of finish variants of the individual chair and table models in terms of colour, material and details. In Wilhelmshaven, he can use the entire portfolio to best effect: “A big plus for Brunner, that they make such a big selection possible!”

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