JVA Heidering

Großbeeren, Germany, 2013

Modern Prison Regime With Prospects and Perspectives

At the Heidering Correctional Facility, colourful Brunner seating furniture helps create a friendly atmosphere.

We included colours which occur naturally in the environment.

Josef Hohensinn, architect, Graz

The most modern correctional facility of the State of Berlin is located in Großbeeren, Brandenburg. Since the spring of 2013, the Heidering Correctional Facility has been offering room for 648 male prisoners. Compact structures, short distances and transparent design are determining factors in this building designed by Josef Hohensinn, architect from Graz, Austria. Thus, the building makes for a humane prison regime and optimum working conditions for the staff.

A glass corridor, the so-called Vollzugsmagistrale (main enforcement axis), connects the three tracts housing the prisoners with the work and sports facilities, the multi-purpose hall and theadministration buildings. The inmates are allowed to use this corridor, which by the way is unheated, creating a feel for the changing seasons and allowing a generous view of what’s outside. Across the entire building, lots of glass and natural colour hues create a light and friendly atmosphere.

All areas, from the single cells to the chapel, are equipped with seating furniture made by Brunner. The three prison tracts are kept in different colours. The detention rooms are equipped with robust twin plastic chairs in the matching colours petrol, viola or apple. In the kitchenettes of the individual living quarters, lava coloured twin plastic chairs have been deployed. For the refectory, the classrooms and administrative rooms as well as the multi-purpose hall, linos sled-base chairs coloured white or lava were selected. In the visitor areas, two-coloured fina chairs, complemented by we_talk bar stools and torino stand-up tables, create a friendly atmosphere for family encounters. The rooms for long-term visits are equipped with comfortable finalounge easy chairs.


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