Rathaus Schorndorf

Schorndorf, Germany, 2012

Transparency makes history

Slim-line seating by Brunner for a transparent interior design approach. fina and fina soft at the Schorndorf Town Hall.

These are timelessly elegant chairs that structure the space without dominating it.

Gunter Fleitz, architect and CEO of Ippolito Fleitz Group, Stuttgart

In order to meet a municipal authority’s current requirements the baroque Town Hall of Schorndorf was renovated in 2012. For a long time the ground floor of the building constructed between 1726 and 1730 was an open market hall. After numerous renovations there was no longer any trace of its open style. With a great deal of sensitivity the architects at the Ippolito Fleitz Group implemented a transparent design, which shows off the original historic space in an effective way. Today the ground floor can be experienced once again as a complete entity. A floor to ceiling glass panel divides the meeting room from the foyer. The mezzanine floor, which is designed to look like a floating glass box, is where the multipurpose conference and wedding hall is located.

Brunner’s classy design of seating furniture in the new halls is both prestigious and yet understated. For the plenary hall the choice of chair was fina for visitors and finasoft conference chair for those attending meetings. The quilted seat cushion of fina was so acclaimed that requests were made for finasoft as a special edition with a quilted, fully upholstered shell in classy leather. The high level of seating comfort also ensures relaxed posture even at lengthy meetings. With classiness and lightness these chairs out of one product family add structure to a room without disrupting its transparent look. The delicate all-round fina chair is also used in the glass conference and wedding hall. Here the architects chose the stackable sled-base chair in a version with a plastic seat shell. The combination of the light, elegant fina with the easy to use folding tables of the trust series allows the hall to be used in a great variety of ways.

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