New building of the auditorium of the Lessing-Gymnasium located in Braunschweig-Wenden

Braunschweig, Germany, 2015

The School as Living Environment – Functional and Clearly Structured

The new auditorium of the Braunschweig Lessinggymnasium high school sports a design reduced to the essentials. The A-Chair is a perfect match.

The A-Chair with its individual and clear-cut shape perfectly fits into the overall architectural structure.

Stefan Schwappach, Dohle+Lohse architects, Braunschweig

There was a time when the Lessinggymnasium in Braunschweig-Wenden was referred to by the media as the “worst school of Northern Germany” or even as “junk school”. The building fabric was run down so much. But these times are over. The school has been completely rebuilt, and an auditorium seating 350 has been added as well. The latter was designed by Stefan Schwappach and Katharina Lohse of Braunschweig architectural studio Dohle+Lohse and opened in early 2015.

The design is based on the original meaning of the term “αυλή”, dating back to Homer and even Greek antiquity. In this sense, the central large auditorium forms a “well-lit courtyard surrounded by walls” providing room for numerous activities by and for the school and the general public. The basic architectural structure of this solitaire building is clear and reduced to the essentials. The use of only a few materials, like fairfaced concrete, glass, black oak wood and terrazzo, results in a sophisticated geometry of single cubes which can be used as stage, theatre, or space for lecture or experiment. Fairfaced concrete ledges and offsets create a diverse and exciting sensation of light and space.

Reduction to the essentials, flexibility and convenience – those were the requirements the furniture had to fulfill. This is where the A-Chair with its individual and clear-cut shape and its functionality proved convincing. As a meaningful furniture object with an independent character and a clear-cut formal line, this stacking chair perfectly underscores the puristic overall impression of the auditorium. The frame made of glass fibre reinforced plastic and the lava coloured seat shell appear as if made of one piece.

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