The Öschberghof: luxury resort in Donaueschingen


From four-star-establishment to five-star superior resort

Following renovation and expansion, and thanks to a design overhaul inside, the Öschberghof in Donaueschingen is now a five-star superior hotel. The Öschberghof's management decided back in 2012 to extensively refurbish and expand the hotel during normal operation. The grand reopening was in spring 2019 after around six years. The former four-star establishment in Donaueschingen has now become a five-star superior hotel.

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custom-made products

Modern, stylish and harmonious look

Various pieces of Brunner furniture, some custom-made as an optional extra, support the design concept, whether in the library, in the restaurant, in the lounge, in the spa, in the rooms or in the 1,000-square-meter conference centre. The square stitching that sometimes adorns the inside, and sometimes the outside, of the fina club upholstered easy chair is particularly elegant.

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Brunner launches more new products and innovative features for offices, lounge areas, central zones and public spaces.
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Brunner presents the nate collection.

Visionary contract furniture designed by Atelier Steffen Kehrle combines high-tech craftsmanship with sustainability and an attractive appearance.
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Innovation Factory awarded Hugo Häring Prize.

Brunner’s pioneering hybrid building has been awarded the 2020 Hugo Häring Prize, Baden-Württemberg’s most prestigious architecture award.
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Making the impossible possible.

1977: In a second-hand VW Bulli van, Rolf and Helena Brunner set out to complete an order for a customer that had been declared "impossible".

Today, more than 40 years later, we apply the same principle: the next innovation could be anything – just not impossible.

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