Environment protection

Substantial Ideas

Ranking among the most important topics of our time are how we can deal with climate change and how we can use limited resources in a careful and conscientious way. We want to do our share to help create a future worth living in, for us and for generations to come. As a family-owned company and as one of the leading European contract furniture manufacturers we regard it as our duty to take on responsibility and to actively contribute to protecting the environment. By having introduced our environmental management system in compliance with ISO 14001 in 2006, we make sure that our production processes comply with strict ecological guidelines. In manufacturing our furniture, we rely on wood from sustainably forestry with PEFC certification, as well as on environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. In order to emphasize environmental consciousness not only on a corporate level but also across our products, a great range of our products have been certified according to ISO 14021 Type II since the spring of 2014; and they come with environmental certificates to this effect. With this initiative, Brunner has opened an entirely new chapter in environmental protection. We invite you to accompany us along this way.

Creating real values

Not least due to the fact that nature is an irreplaceable supplier of raw materials, Brunner also assumes ecological responsibility. The DIN EN ISO 14001 certified production processes are subject to strict ecological guidelines. Furniture is only produced from domestic wood from PEFC certified sustainable forest management as well as materials that meet the high quality standards and are environmentally friendly and recyclable. The development of the fully recyclable alite chair, the use of solvent-free foam glues and a UV curable water-based varnish system for wood components, which does not use any solvents or produce varnish waste, are just a few examples of Brunner’s responsible commitment that enables the company to turn sustainable actions into sustainable success.