Application areas

Targeted Development for Different Requirements

A chair is a chair is a chair? Today’s furniture meets the demands of the users. Changed user behavior and living conditions on the one hand, technological possibilities, new materials and new research findings on the other hand – today we can create individualized products together, products that meet even the most specific demands.

Of course, every area of application brings about its own challenges, and the manufacturer will have to become an expert in the respective areas. He has to be aware of every detail, has to be able to react to each and every new development. This also means that he will have to invest a lot of time – in order to continuously develop new products and product services resulting from the dialog with architects, planners and users. Brunner as a company is able to serve the most diverse areas: with know-how from 30 years of research and development, with a highly qualified team of experts and with its own excellent production facilities, Brunner is a competent partner for a total of seven different areas of application with quite different focuses.