crona light

A treat for the eyes.

crona – for everyone who wants everything – a chair in the cafeteria, a couch in the hotel lounge or a stool at the bar. Please take a seat – in an incredible range of colours, shapes and functions.

Design: Archirivolto

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+49 7844 402 0

  • crona light not only offers a great many variations, its versatility is practically unlimited. In the cafeteria, the restaurant or the hospital – it always looks the part. Available both with and without armrests.
  • The striking shape with its contrasting graining around the seat shell that is typical for crona upholds perfect hygienic standards, where dirt, bacteria and germs have little or no chance to take hold – and it is very easy to clean.
  • The design options not only include armrests and cushions, but also wood, spider and sled-based frames in a range of seven harmonious colours that can be freely selected for each of these components. Are you looking for a rotating solution? crona light can do that too, if required.