The slender cantilever chair which answers the demands of the next generation.

A chair, made as if all of a piece, transmitting its dynamics to any room. With its slender forms seamlessly flowing into each other, frame and seat seem to merge.

Design: jehs+laub

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The delicate, curved back is invisibly mounted to the steel frame and the plastic shell. And even the cover fabrics are fastened to the plastic shell in such a way that neither seams nor zippers are visible.

The surface of the die-cast aluminium arm-rests presents itself in three different finishes: either chromed, made of polished aluminium, or with a coloured powder coating.

ray is a combination of firmness and softness – all in one chair. An aluminium connection between the foot and the seat gives you a completely new form of mobility. Solid, yet graceful. Firm, yet so soft. For meetings, telling stories – or for thinking.


  • This exceptional conference chair successfully combines elegant design language with innovative technology. The high-quality, cast aluminium frame can perfectly adapt itself to your body and its movements without previous adjustment.

  • In both versions, whether with gliders or castors, you can move effortlessly in all directions – not only on the floor. And the flexible, 360° rotatable central joint means you don’t miss a thing – anywhere.

  • And this cast aluminium node is the key to it: an innovative movement and return mechanism that supports the body and the spine – and stimulates the mind at the same time, keeping you alert through those long meetings.