New Operations Manager for Brunner Asia Pacific.

First employee at Brunner Asia Pacific.

We proudly introduces Kate Ip, living in Hong Kong, in her new role as Operations Manager Asia Pacific. 

In the past, Kate has been working in the furniture industry for 4 years and gained a lot of experience. Combined with her willingness to go the extra mile and her dedication to take responsibility, we are sure that Kate will add great value to the team.


To learn a bit more about Kate and her motivation to join the team, we asked her some questions about her new position...

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.
A: I’m from Hong Kong and studied a Bachelor of Arts degree at City University. I started my career in customer service and then changed to the furniture industry due to a nice opportunity. In my free time I like to do yoga and dance courses!

Q: How is your experience at Brunner Asia Pacific so far? 
A: The first week has been great. I am honored to be a part of a dynamic team. I have also enjoyed working alongside the friendly people from the Brunner headquarters. They have all been extremely welcoming and supportive for my onboarding process.
We are currently setting up all our internal processes and standards, so that we can serve our customers in the best manner possible. 

Q: Is there a specific reason why you want to work for Brunner Asia Pacific?  
A: The Brunner brand carries a great collection of products that are suitable for all kinds of scenarios and industries. They also provide outstanding service to their clients, which is something that I appreciate. I find the company principle of ‘making new things possible and maintaining the highest level of ethical standards’ very inspiring. Also, I had the chance to work with Grant Humphreys and Jean Paul de la Haye in my previous role. They always provided me with support and guidance whenever needed. When I heard about this opportunity, I was incredibly excited. I am very much looking forward to working alongside them once again at Brunner Asia Pacific. 

Q: As your new position as Operations Manager Asia Pacific, which tasks will you be taking care of?
A: I will take care of the general administration, operations, finance, and logistics for the company. This includes maintaining and improving the organizational standards and procedures, dealing with all incoming orders, deliveries, after-sales service, managing our stocks and different warehouses, and planning and controlling the internal accounting systems. It is a diverse and thrilling role. I am sure we will make a great team!

Q: What will you be adding to the team?
A: I am very process driven. I want to set up a good company structure to allow the company to succeed in the best way possible. I believe in providing excellent customer service and going that extra mile to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. I am looking forward to the challenge. 

Q: Lastly, what is your favorite product of the Brunner portfolio?
A: I love the Ray lounge. It is elegant in design and very comfortable. I plan to get one for my home!

ray lounge by Brunner

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