Landtag Brandenburg

Potsdam, Germany, 2014

A New Building Behind a Historic Façade

The rebuilt Potsdam City Castle is seat to the Brandenburg State Parliament. It was equipped with chairs and tables made by Brunner.

This is not a castle, it is the State Parliament.

Peter Kulka, architect, Dresden

The Potsdam City Castle is a new building with a long history. The area located in the city centre ranks among the oldest settlement areas in Potsdam, and it used to accommodate different fortification and castle buildings. The castle received its final design by Frederick II., King of Prussia, who developed Potsdam to become a residential city. It was Frederick II. who in 1745 put the architect Knobelsdorff in charge of rebuilding the baroque castle in Frederick Rococo style. During the Second World War, the castle burned down and was torn down completely in the 1960’s.

In 2005, the Brandenburg State Parliament decided to have the castle rebuilt at its former site – as a new building with a historic façade – to serve as the new seat of the Brandenburg State Parliament. In order to manage the balancing act between historic specifications and the requirements of a modern public administration building, Peter Kulka was selected as architect-in-charge. From the outside, he had the historic sandstone façade reconstructed, while on the inside, the building is modern, sporting the State colours of white, red and silver. Only the reconstructed Knobelsdorff staircase hall is still reminiscent of the historic original.

Since the end of 2013, the plenary hall, several conference halls, meeting rooms and offices provide sufficient working space for the Parliamentary factions. The conference halls and meeting rooms were equipped with comfortable finasoft conference chairs as well as linos stacking chairs, both made by Brunner. These have been combined with stable trust folding tables equipped with MIS socket outlets, mounted flush in the table tops, to provide electrification. In addition, weather-resistant twin plastic chairs and salsa central column tables have been deployed in the outer area of the public cafeteria.

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