Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany, 2011

Timeless Aesthetics

Tradition and Modernity unite at Heidelberg University – Brunner Furniture highlights these values.


By their history and their architecture, buildings like the New University are a visible testimony, providing inspiration and support at the same time.

Ralf Stroux, Executive Construction Director at Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg, University Building Authority, Heidelberg

Ancient and venerable: Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg is both. Founded as early as 1385, it is the oldest university in Germany. As part of the 625th anniversary celebrations, the New University located in Heidelberg’s historic centre underwent comprehensive reconstruction and modernisation, including lecture and function rooms, some of them listed landmarks. This revitalisation also included a new design and furniture concept allowing for a wide range of potential uses while at the same time integrating and protecting the historic quality. The contract was awarded to the renowned Stuttgart-based architectural firm Blocher Blocher Partners.

Just in time for the anniversary festivities in the summer of 2011, the carefully renovated rooms were re-opened. Now, they welcome visitors in a universally well-lit and appealing atmosphere. The architects utilised a sophisticated colour play, both in accentuating certain areas in the rooms and in the choice of chairs. The seating features some individual chairs in different colours, thus counteracting a potentially monotonous effect, creating a lively atmosphere. The chairs and tables of choice for the new auditorium and the lecture rooms are models made by Brunner. In the new auditorium housing lectures and festive venues alike, guests can now take a seat on frame linking stacking chairs from the first class series. The warm hues of the red upholstery and the beech wood shell stained dark combined to highlight the festive ambience of the historic hall. The chairs can be equipped with writing tablets so that the new auditorium can also be used for lectures without expending a lot of effort for changing or converting the furniture. For the lecture rooms in the venerable building complex, timelessly modern fox chairs without armrests were selected. Among the beech plywood seat shells stained in natural colour or wenge, a few yellow seat shells provide colourful accents.

Also in place: 2251 series tables equipped with a robust an easy-to-clean white HPL surface.

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