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FC-Campus: New company headquarters for FC-Gruppe

New building for company headquarters

Unique technology in the glass front sets new standards

The consultancy, controlling and planning firm FC-Gruppe is moving into its new company headquarters in Karlsruhe after almost three years of construction. The “smartphone glass front” is an architectural and technological highlight. The façade is the first in the world to be constructed with switchable liquid crystal windows. The film in the glass, usually used in smartphones, allows the exterior glass panes to be darkened using electronic controls.

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Product variety

Brunner products on every floor

When it comes to the furnishings, FC-Gruppe has opted for a wide selection of items from Brunner. 14 product ranges are used throughout – from the entrance and lounge area to bistro and break areas as well as seminar, conference and co-working spaces. All materials and colours have been carefully selected to create a harmonious appearance.

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