Brunner x Diez Office

Designer Stefan Diez from Munich and Baden-based contract furniture manufacturer Brunner share extremely high standards when it comes to design and functionality. But they also have their willingness to push the boundaries in common. And now they have joined forces for the first time to create the mudra chair.

I’ve been following Stefan Diez’s work for a while now and I’ve always been impressed by his attention to detail and the depth with which he explores structures and materials. He focuses very much on substance over style. That’s why mudra was the perfect place for our relationship to start.

Dr Marc Brunner, Brunner Group

When we were developing mudra, Brunner really allowed us to go on a journey with the whole team and extend our work over a long period of time. From the very beginning, when were still at the internal development stage, Marc Brunner always had the imagination to stick with us and follow our train of thought.

Stefan Diez, Diez Office


The strategic development of the mudra range required an in-depth understanding of functionality and extremely high design standards combined with specific expertise surrounding production. After careful research, the Brunner Group found exactly what they were looking for in a partner for their next project – Stefan Diez’s portfolio said it all. Dr Marc Brunner, Managing Director of Brunner GmbH, had been following the Munich-based designer’s work for a while and contacted him directly. He’d always been impressed with Diez’s design excellence and depth. It wasn’t long before the initial discussions were underway and a deep mutual under-standing of substance-based, functional design came to light. After Stefan Diez visited Brunner’s site in Baden, the groundwork was complete and this promising partnership could begin. In the months that followed, the partners learnt a lot about the other’s processes as a way of coming up with a basic design concept for mudra. The prototype of the design chair as it now stands was born out of conviction over many rounds of development without the constraints of a strict timeline. In fact, this happened over a stretch of almost three years. From the word go, the collaboration between Diez and Brunner has been built on their shared pas-sion for innovative ways of working with materials, need for perfection, attention to detail and unwillingness to compromise on functionality and iconic design. The result of this strong part-nership is a brilliantly versatile chair that makes a clear design statement.

mudra is now on its way, with the plan for it to be revealed at international design destinations like London and Milan in 2022.

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