Aalen University - Technology and economy

Aalen, Germany, 2020.

Federation, state and Aalen University investing in the future.

Aalen University is one of the leading research universities for applied sciences in Germany. To give due consideration to the continuous development of research work, more than 26 million euros have been invested into the infrastructure and new construction of two research centres.

Following a construction period of just over three years, the new buildings were able to open their doors in November 2020.

At the centres, research on issues of key importance to the future such as CO2 reduction, energy efficiency and the conservation of resources take centre stage. In turn, this is also reflected in the new buildings. A combination of wood, glass and concrete creates a sustainable architecture. The passive house quality standard is a byword for an energy-efficient, economical and environmentally friendly construction.

 Covering an area of 3,200 m², seminar and conference rooms, laboratory and office wings, as well as workshops, all have their place. A foyer and an inner courtyard connect the two parts of the building.

The crona steel chairs, tables and standing tables from Brunner match the elegant mounted slate façades and invite students to linger, relax and learn outside for a while. The special powder coating of the comfortable and ergonomically formed steel chairs and robust tables make them ideal for outdoor use.


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