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Bayer Consumer Care AG

Basel, Switzerland, 2018

Informal meetings promote the exchange of information

At Bayer's international headquarters in Basel, the offices and meeting areas have undergone radical refurbishment.

The linear design, the layout flexibility, the variety of colours – the banc product family is a stunning design resource for architects.

ffbk, Basel, Switzerland

Following the decision to extend the lease for the Peter Merian office building at Basel train station, work began on systematically redesigning the office workspaces, conference rooms and meeting areas as had previously been done at the other Bayer sites. The previous premises, sometimes cramped and somewhat outdated, have been opened up, and thus enlarged, by removing the partition walls. While the office workspaces have been adapted to the latest ergonomic standards, the designers paid particular attention to the furnishing of the lounge and cafeteria areas. These are designed to encourage informal and spontaneous meetings and create a platform for relaxed exchanges of information and creative ideas. And style has not been sacrificed in the process: The corporate colours are a key component of the new furniture landscapes which are spread over multiple floors, thereby running through the entire building.

The conference rooms are kitted out with the multi-award-winning A-chair from Brunner. Although hidden by its stylish and slender design, the A-chair is in fact a robust, stackable multi-purpose chair. This piece of furniture impressed us here at Bayer. The seat upholstery makes it even more comfortable.
In the cafeterias, the fina chair family brings out the corporate image. A special manufacturing process enables a two-tone plastic shell. Here, the back can be either blue or yellow. The matching fina bar stools – some with a sled base and some with a wooden frame – and tables from the we_talk and 3000 ranges complete the look.

One highlight in terms of function and design is the spacious lounges where pleasant views can be enjoyed, including that of the plant-filled atrium. banc, the modular lounge system consisting of bench elements, chairs and tables, provides a varied and none-repetitive seating and meeting zone here. In addition, the production flexibility that is typical of Brunner offers the ability to optionally design benches and chairs in the corporate colours.


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