Civic centre Möttingen

Möttingen, Germany, 2018

Following years of preparation and a construction phase lasting two years, the new civic centre in Möttingen was officially inaugurated in April 2018.
The Bürgerzentrum is a joint project by the community, Protestant Church and the voluntary Marksmen’s Club and is planned to become the hub of the village in future and strengthen the cohesion of the community.
Architecturally, the Bürgerzentrum blends perfectly into the villagescape and the infrastructure of the community and is now helping to shape its identity.
In executing the project, particular attention was paid to creating space for all kinds of uses. The flexibility of the building’s use is also reflected in the selection of Brunner furniture: fox stacking chairs and the 4more folding table have been used as well as crona, fina and state.

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