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Darmstadt, Germany, 2015

More Room for Conferences

At Eumetsat in Darmstadt, the flexibly deployable series banc and fina have created more room for conference participants.

Brunner combines high-quality casino and conference furniture with maximum flexibility.

Stefan Müller, Managing Director, Bürodesign Nejedly, Darmstadt

Eumetsat is the European organisation governing the use of meteorological satellites, headquartered in Darmstadt. As an intergovernmental organisation, it has been operating weather satellites since 1986, and their data and weather images are being used by the meteorological services of its 30 member states. At regular intervals, international conferences are hosted on this topic. In order to provide all member countries with the opportunity to participate in these conferences, the seating capacity of the conference room was to be increased by means of new furniture. Flexible use and a modern design statement were also part of the specifications required from the planners from Bürodesign Nejedly.

In the casino, too, more seating was to be created. Plus, another goal was to partition the surface by creating several sound-insulated zones. Thanks to the spatially structuring lounge furniture series banc, this could be realised perfectly, since the high-back elements have a noise-absorbing effect. This allows for creating acoustically optimised zones even without partitions. Thanks to their modularity, the banc seating elements can moreover be variably deployed across the entire surface with only little assembly effort. Combined with one- and two-column tables, linos stacking chairs as well as we_talk standing tables and fina bar bar stools, the canteen is now inviting, featuring a clear structure.

In the conference room, too, high-quality Brunner furniture has been deployed. With comfortable finasoft cantilever chairs and the fina flex conference table system equipped with table tops in special formats, all participants now find enough room. Easy-to-handle folding tables complement the furnishings, creating flexibility. The electrification boxes set into the table tops make for efficient working.

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