Hargassner Ges mbH - Heating technology pioneer.

Weng, Austria, 2019

The rise of Austrian company Hargassner from a pioneer in sustainable heating technology to a European market leader in the sector began with a promise: "Heating that doesn't need topping up" was what company founder Anton Hargassner set out to make. Heating was made more environmentally friendly and more convenient thanks to his vision and the sustainable raw material of wood. Hargassner's heating systems using pellets, wood chips and logs are now used all around the world.

The tradition-steeped company celebrated its 35th birthday in June 2019 with the inauguration of the Hargassner Energy World at the company site in Weng in the Western Innviertel. The new large building, covering an area of 6,000 m², houses a state-of-the-art training and customer centre, which sets new standards in terms of furnishings and atmosphere, office and meeting rooms, two bars and a cosy staff canteen.

"Comfort was a key factor for us when it came to the furnishings. What's more, we needed to include our material of metal and the raw material of wood, with the latter in a natural condition – only brushed and oiled. The furniture also needed to be low maintenance, sturdy and reasonably priced," said Florian Pommer, Project Manager at Hargassner.

Brunner contract furniture can now be found in the staff canteen as well as in the training and meeting rooms: A-table and A-chair, the crona upholstered easy chair, the bar stool from the fina range as well as break and ray tables were the pieces that impressed, with some tailor-made versions. "The option of individual adjustments was important to us," stressed Pommer, who went on to provide an example: "The upper shell that appealed to us the most among the meeting chairs wouldn't be available with a frame with a self-return mechanism (stool straightens when the user stands up) as standard. A solution was found when the manufacturer combined the upper shell we preferred with a frame from a compatible chair range. We value this flexibility. The expertise and commitment of the Brunner team were also crucial to the successful cooperation."

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