MCH Messe Basel

Basel, Switzerland, 2013

Elegant Trade Fair Ambience

Brunner develops 2,500 alite multi-purpose chairs specifically for Messe Basel – creating an elegant and comfortable chair for big venues.

Not only is it lightweight, it has been designed for a long service life.

Christian Gartmann, QMB, Sedorama, Schönbühl, CH

With their new construction of Hall 1, Swiss star architects Herzog & De Meuron have left their architectural signature in the city centre of Basel – adding new style to the Kleinbasel district between Badischer Bahnhof railway station and the banks of the river Rhine. The undulating aluminium façade blades are ablaze with their silver reflection of the sun, and visitors are attracted by the entrance area of the roof-covered City Lounge with its perfectly circular roof cut out opening the view towards the sky. The 38,000 square metres of exhibition surface on three levels offer state-of- the-art trade fair technology prepared to host a wide variety of events. But despite its impressive size, the hall comes across as surprisingly light and airy. An impression that continues inside.

Visitors of Hall 1 can take a seat on chairs made by Brunner: more than 2,500 units of the lightweight, stackable and easily row linking multi-purpose chair alite are deployed in the spacious rooms. In this special edition, they consist of an anodized black aluminium profile sporting dark upholstery – elegant, unobtrusive and in perfect harmony with the surrounding architecture. With a mere five kilograms, this chair is a real lightweight, easy to carry and to stack. Ergonomics, premium design, low weight and complete recyclability were convincing to awarding authority and architects alike; just like Brunner’s readiness to accommodate special customer requirements in creating this special edition. This also includes the equipment for the stacking and transport carts; they were painted black, matching the chairs, and can be easily linked with each other. Thus, even a large number of chairs can be stored and moved without much effort.

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