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Salle del Castillo

Vevey, Switzerland, 2014

Modern Furnishings Inside a Classic Landmark

At the Salle del Castillo, luxuriant stucco work and sustainable chairs complement each other.

What we found particularly impressive about the A-Chair: for all its elegance, it is really comfortable!

Marion Zahnd, architecum sàrl, Montreux


Since 1908 – and thanks to a donation by Spanish citizen Andrés del Castillo – Vevey has at its disposal this concert hall and multi-purpose venue bearing the name of its donator, located close to the Lake Geneva lakefront. After selective renovation in the 1950’s, followed by gradual decay, a complete restoration was finally inevitable. Since 2014, this impressive building now shines in new splendour, offering several halls and rooms of different sizes for cultural and social occasions, accommodating between 50 and 900 people.

The team winning this public architectural competition had to solve several assignments: safeguarding the historical building stock, returning to the original multi-purpose character of the building, renewing the stage machinery and event technology, as well as purchasing appropriate furnishings. Thanks to several specialists putting their shoulders to the wheel, all these different aspects have finally been merged successfully into one harmonious whole.

For evaluating the right chair, several dozen different models were tested on-site. It was supposed to be suitable for concerts as well as for banquets, for weddings just like for small seminars. The A-Chair made by Brunner was found convincing right away thanks to its seating comfort; at the same time, it lived up to the precise aesthetical concept of the awarding authority. The anthracite-coloured finish comes across as discreetly elegant while setting a counterpoint to the predominant white colour employed in the rooms. With its practical row-linking mechanism and its above-average stackability, the A-Chair makes life very much easier for the wide range of public and private event organisers using the Salle del Castillo.

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