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Belief and passion make the impossible possible.

Brunner is a family business from Baden with a passion for functional design furniture that brightens up everyday life in an incredible number of ways for customers worldwide. We develop, produce and bring to market chairs, tables and occasional furniture for the contract sector. Owner-managed and already in the hands of the second generation, we work in accordance with the highest ethical standards and with a sense of responsibility towards our employees, partners, customers, our local region and the environment. We believe in values that keep the past and the future in mind. Since our first order in 1977, we have never shied away from a challenge, and we continue to make the impossible possible time and time again – with innovative solutions that fit perfectly.

We live for furniture that makes new things possible.

Dr. Marc Brunner

Where is Brunner furniture used?


Brunner furniture is used in many different sectors as an all-rounder and specialist with particular features. During its manufacture in Rheinau, Baden, we rely above all else on people to achieve this because quality requires expertise and experience. Great care is taken when creating Brunner furniture at our home. In the background, state-of-the-art technologies support the production of impeccable products made of high-quality, certified materials, which have long brought our customers joy.

Our furniture is supposed to shift and redefine boundaries - for this we work tirelessly, incomparably and sometimes unconventionally.

Philip Brunner

This is what makes Brunner.

We are proud of our innovations. While many remain static, we keep up with the times as part of our day-to-day business: our own identity is one example of this.

Rolf Brunner

The success story.

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Brunner International


Facts & Figures.

Today, Brunner is leading the way as one of the most innovative contract furniture manufacturers in Europe. Our medium-sized company is an important employer in our region and is represented internationally with 18 showrooms and four subsidiaries. We began writing this success story over 45 years ago, and we are still growing today.

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