Cover Fabric Made From Recycling Material


The elegant cantilever chair ray and many more products from the Brunner portfolio are now available with the cover fabrics Revive 1 and Revive 2 by Kvadrat made from 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles. In a complex process, the bottles are first chopped up, then ground, melted and finally processed into a flame resistant polyester thread, using a new formula. This not only saves valuable resources, but it is also significantly more effective than producing new polyester.

Using designs by British designer Georgina Wright, Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat has woven this polyester thread to produce the two furniture cover fabrics Revive 1 and Revive 2, both of them sporting a dynamic look, now making their appearance as new upholstery fabrics for the cantilever chair ray, among others.

Managing Director Dr. Marc Brunner has defined the goal that in the future, all products made in Rheinau are to be offered as stemming from verifiably environmentally friendly development and manufacturing. For many contract furniture pieces, there already are product specific environmental statements available. The one for ray is currently in preparation.