dress – the first standing aid by Brunner

dress, the new standing aid by Brunner, is fresh, young and colourful. It is very easy to handle and with one movement under the upholstered rim, dress can be lifted and placed somewhere else. The standing aid is continuously height adjustable with a lever which can be used all around. This flexibility is made possible by means of an elastic high-tech net fabric, which adapts or shrinks according to the adjustment and conceals the mechanics underneath. Therefore dress is the first standing aid on the market without a visible gas spring.

„dress almost gives a homelike impression due to its closed form and because of this it opens up new areas of application beyond the office”. Like this, CEO Dr. Marc Brunner describes the path-breaking design by osko+deichmann. In the office, in conference rooms, at trade fairs and everywhere where people sit over a long period of time, dress keeps them moving and prevents a rigid, monotonous sitting posture and encourages to use the own muscular system. This active sitting promotes back health and acts invigorating.


Matching the standing aid dress, we have an electronically height adjustable conference table available.