14 Brunner product ranges in the new company headquarters of FC-Gruppe.

Rheinau, 19/11/2020 – After three years of construction, the FC-Gruppe's new company headquarters at the entrance to Karlsruhe have been completed.

Covering a gross floor space of 7,782 m² and spanning six floors, the new building is the first of its kind in the world: the glass front is not just an architectural highlight, but a technological one as well. 200 tonnes of liquid crystal windows have been installed and can be darkened at the touch of a button. The film in the glass has actually only ever been used in smartphones before. This is the first time that it has been installed over such a large area in a façade.

The consultancy, controlling and planning firm also demonstrates its design skills inside the building. Open, bright architecture creates a pleasant working atmosphere, with co-working areas, bistro and break areas, conference and seminar spaces as well as central areas. A wide range of Brunner furniture is used across all floors – meeting all the needs of the area in question and featuring perfectly coordinating colours and materials.

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