German Design Award 2014: Jurors Award “Special Mention” to the A-chair


The champions have been selected: The German Design Council has announced the winners of the German Design Award 2014 – and the top-class panel of jurors has bestowed a “Special Mention” on the A-chair, the Brunner plastic stacking chair, for its excellent design. The most striking A-chair characteristic are its slim legs – seen in profile, they are reminiscent of the letter “A”. Placed in a row, they present the width of only one single leg, resulting in a harmonious overall effect.

The A-chair exudes calmness throughout the entire room, even when 1,000 chairs are placed there. It is not supposed to deflect attention away from architecture, but to serve as a good tool for architects.

That’s how the two Stuttgart designers Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub describe the chair they created for contract furniture manufacturer Brunner (Rheinau [Baden], Germany). Shell and frame of this stackable, row-linking and modular all-purpose chair can be combined in many different materials and colours. Thanks to these features, the A-chair managed to make a lasting impression on the panel of jurors, and to stand its ground against a total number of 1,900 submissions. The German Design Award is regarded as the German Design Council’s premium award.