Maximum Adaptability and Perfect Media Integration

„Highly complex but uncomplicated at the same time“ that is how designer Wolfgang C. R. Mezger describes the draft of the modular conference table system fina flex conference. The programme, which gives a visually light and elegant impression, can be easily adapted to different requirements – and is nevertheless an independent design statement for high quality interiors.

fina flex conference is the flexible complement to the successful conference table system fina conference. The new fina flex is flexible and enormously versatile because of a detachable table leg; both a brilliant and easy idea. The leg is lockable in different positions underneath the table top without any tools. When two tables are linked with each other, half of the leg protrudes from the outer part and serves as a common support. This easy function reduces the number of table legs – and provides maximum legroom for the conference participants. This applies both to tables, which are linked with each other lengthwise and to all other table configurations, which the system enables: rectangle, trapezoid, U- or scissor shape.

Less is more – this design principle is characteristic for Brunner and also applies to fina flex conference, not only in a functional but also in a visual manner: the reduced number of table legs creates a calm ambience in the room and lets high quality architecture realize its full potential.

The electrification and media integration, which consists of a cable channel, foldable on both sides and detachable without tools, is also easy to operate. The electrification lids, which are set in flush with the table tops, can be used from both sides.