PARA VERT: new "seedlings" in Brunner's product portfolio

Rheinau, March 2020 – Good for the mind, body and environment: Brunner is proud to present the new PARA VERT. The free-standing, plantable room divider was the most-photographed subject at Orgatec 2018. It was originally only intended to be part of Brunner's trade fair stand design and that was still the case back then. But the elegant partition has since been perfected for series production.

With a framework of elegant metal poles and planters, which can also be used for storage, PARA VERT forms working clusters and quiet areas in vast spaces in offices, hotel lobbies or restaurants, while "living walls" create a pleasant ambiance in an understated, goal-oriented environment. The many advantages of planting also add to this: They are proven to lift spirits, promote concentration and creativity, filter out and absorb toxins, produce oxygen, increase humidity and lower noise and stress levels.

You'll be more than happy to surround yourself with it ... in L, S, U, V, Y or Z – PARA VERT can always be reconfigured and adapted to the current room layout.

No matter which form or colour, white or lava, PARA VERT allows your room to bloom.

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