Redefining agile seating.

The new office swivel chair looks exceptionally elegant, delicate and light: ray work remains true to the flowing design language of the internationally successful ray collection with a semi-transparent breathable mesh back and a slim plastic frame. However, it stands out with a uniquely developed, exquisite range of colours – while breaking new ground in terms of functionality. ray work intuitively adapts to each of its users and impresses with an extraordinarily comfortable, dynamic seating experience. Its secret lies in an innovative mechanism and a clever combination of materials.

“ray work is a chair that needs no explanation, in the best sense of the phrase. If it needed one, then we would have done something wrong,” explains Dr Marc Brunner. Brunner and Stuttgart-based design duo jehs+laub have achieved their goal. For all intents and purposes, they have undeniably succeeded in developing an extraordinary swivel chair in every respect with ray work. Visually, with an elegant, minimalist interpretation of the consistent ray design. And functionally, as ray work eliminates the need for tedious adjustment of the back, seat angle and armrest position to suit individual body sizes. As soon as visitors take a seat, a precisely balanced interplay begins between the various components. ray work responds to every movement – balancing, supporting, cushioning and rocking.

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