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All of the documents and images published here have been compiled by or for Brunner GmbH. 

The download area contains image data for editorial articles that can be used in publications and specialist magazines or for (PowerPoint) presentations, which are directly related to Brunner product or company presentations.
When using the images, a copyright notice must be included that makes reference to Brunner GmbH and the photographers.
Files that are not specifically offered for download may not be used. 
Use of the image materials for commercial advertising, product-related brochures, campaigns and events of a political nature is not permitted. They may also not be made into posters. Sale of the images is prohibited.
An image may not be reproduced in a misleading context.

Where the actual use is not consistent with the information provided by the user, consent to use will be deemed not to have been granted and Brunner GmbH shall be released from any third-party claims for damages. Brunner GmbH reserves the right to take legal action in the case of suspected misuse. The user will not acquire any ownership or rights of use over the image materials as a result of paying compensation and/or a contractual penalty.

Brunner GmbH assumes no liability or guarantee for improper or incorrect handling during the selection or downloading of image materials. The company also assumes no liability or guarantee for any errors in indexing or subject descriptions.

A sample/specimen copy of any private publication with the image materials must be sent to the following address:

Brunner GmbH
- Marketing - 
Im Salmenkopf 10
77866 Rheinau

In the case of online publications, a specific link should be provided.