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Your local supplier: Brunner AG.

Ambitious and focussed from the very start: we are there for our customers.

For more than thiry years, we have offered our discerning customers in Switzerland exclusive furnishing solutions for the public spaces in their buildings, and care facility equipment that is of uncompromisingly high quality, function and design.

Brunner AG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Brunner, which is a German family-owned firm. Brunner has been selling high-quality contract furniture to Swiss customers since 1981. This enables Brunner to be a local supplier that has all the advantages of an internationally successful company.

Customers and partners also benefit from Brunner's production plant in Rheinau, Germany:

At the plant, we work with customers, designers and highly qualified furniture-makers to develop custom solutions that are flexible and scalable: many prize-winning innovative products have already been created, and are now in mass production.

Even in Switzerland, you can only obtain Brunner contract furniture from specialist suppliers. Brunner has three showrooms in which it presents the entire range, providing individual consultation as required: Sedorama's headquarters in Schönbühl also has its own display area. Since 2004, Brunner has also operated out of premises with showrooms in Winterthur, Zürich and, since 2008, in Bussigny, Lausanne.

Personal expertise and outstanding customer focus

From the first consultation to the provision of services over many years: Every individual person in the team is happy to help, and is always ready to listen to your requests. Many of our employees have been with us for many years. This means we know our products inside out, and know how best to fulfil your particular requirements.

Your investment in contract furniture is only the first step. The second is value retention. After all, it is only the products which you use to their best effect, and over a long period, that repay your investment and create decisive competitive advantages.

Working together to do everything right – from the very start.
The very first thing we do is to ensure that all the legal and technical requirements are met. ISO certification according to 9001 and 14001 forms the basis of our quality assurance for achieving this. And our on-going, targeted training ensures that our employees in the Sales and Service departments always have the latest technical details at their fingertips. But that is not only true for our employees.

We can also provide you and your staff with the necessary technical expertise, on request. We run a variety of courses in which we train you how to use our products safely, and check and maintain them for yourself.

We are there if you need us.
As you would expect, our Customer Service team is always ready to help – whether you sign up to a service contract or use our Technical Support team on a case by case basis, when needed.

Thanks to our three sites in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland, we are always close to you and can reach you quickly if you need our advice or support.

The most important thing is your long-term investment. Let's talk about it.


Gewerbestrasse 10
CH-3322  Schönbühl

Tel.: +41 31 932 22 32
Fax: +41 31 932 22 64

Opening hours/Office hours:
Monday to Friday 8:00 - 17:00

How to find us

Introducing our headquarters in Schönbühl

Brunner AG's headquaters in Schönbühl, Switzerland, takes full advantage of its highly accessible location, directly on the A1 between Bern and Solothurn: Customers focus and perfection are a matter of conviction.