Why stick to standards when you can set new ones?

We want to constantly reinvent ourselves and our products. While remaining true to our values at the same time. Find out here what we stand for to get you sitting comfortably.


Just around the corner. And designed.

We combine modern and traditional production methods in our manufacturing. Alongside renowned designers, we create furniture of the highest quality that combines aesthetics and functionality.

Our company's roots in Baden, Germany, can be seen in our down-to-earth working methods and our appreciation of the finer things in life. Our products are "made in Germany" and benefit from being anchored in a culture rich in industrial history and manufacturing expertise – thanks to our headquarters in the heart of Europe.

As a family business, we stand side by side with our customers, as a reliable and agile partner. With our focus firmly on the future, we are fully engaged with our responsibilities toward the environment and wider society as a whole.


Solutions that fit perfectly.

We are your partner, consultant and problem solver. Having an in-depth understanding of our
customers' wishes is always the starting point for our working process.

Our product range is innately versatile. In spite of that, we are continually developing new, custom solutions that involve and satisfy all parties concerned.

Everything we do is with the aim of helping to improve quality of life – by ensuring that we make people feel comfortable, even when they are away from home. Our furniture creates identity and the perfect setting for communication, concentration and collaboration.


We don't sit back and take it easy. But you do.

We're innovative, eager to explore new ideas, and never tired of learning. We're fascinated by the innovations the future might bring, and always on the lookout for the next challenge. We're intrigued by innovation, and never afraid to explore the unknown.

Complex problems and demands are the challenges that spur us onwards - we even deliberately seek them out. We can only improve our processes, create new interfaces, and meet all the demands placed on us, by getting everyone involved in a project around the table and truly understanding their motives. Our eyes and minds always remain fresh and awake – because we want to reimagine the whole concept of furniture.

We're constantly expanding the limits of feasibility to create products which set benchmarks time and time again.