New Project Consultant Hong Kong

Our latest addition to the Brunner Asia Pacific team.

This week we would like to welcome our new Project Consultant, Peter Hauner, to the team in Hong Kong.

Peter has been working with Brunner for the past year, providing marketing support in a part-time capacity. We are now pleased to welcome Peter into a full-time position in a business development role.


To learn more about Peter and his motivation to join the team in Hong Kong, we asked him some questions about his new position...

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.
A: I am born and raised in Regensburg (Germany) but lived most of the last 3 years in Vienna (Austria) where I did a master’s degree in International Business Studies with a major in East Asian economies and worked as a Consultant. Except for that, my work experiences and focus of my studies were mostly on marketing, communication, and business development. Next to work, I like to travel a lot, love good food and I am interested in design and architecture.

Q: How is your experience at Brunner Asia Pacific so far? 
A: I had a great start with Brunner here in Hong Kong! It helps that I lived here before for a 6- months internship back in 2018 where I worked with Grant, Kate and Patrizia already. So, I already knew the city and some people when I came back this time. In addition, I had the opportunity to visit our HQ in Germany before I came to Hong Kong, where I had training as well as a tour of the factory which was quite interesting and helped me do get a better understanding of the company.

Q: Is there a specific reason why you want to work for Brunner Asia Pacific?  
A: There are several reasons why I want to work for Brunner Asia Pacific. First of all, it is very important to me who I work with and the people I am surrounded by every day. Since I have worked with Grant and Kate before, I knew that this would be a good match. Secondly, I enjoy working with creative people which makes this industry appealing to me as I get the chance to work with designers and architects etc.

Q: As your new position as Project Consultant, which tasks will you be taking care of?
A: I will be supporting Grant and Patrizia in the Hong Kong market. Furthermore, I will be responsible for my own projects and all kinds of Business Development- and project related topics.

Q: What will you be adding to the team?
A: After the training, I am confident I can support the team with relationship management and further develop the business. Moreover, I will help to provide the information in a structured and understandable way to our customers and business partners thanks to my experience in marketing and sales support over the last years. I might also be able to help on some process management topics based on what I have learned in my last job as a Consultant in the field of Business Process Management.

Q: Lastly, what is your favorite product of the Brunner portfolio?
A: My favourite product range is “team” because it focuses on collaboration and bringing people together to solve problems which makes it a great product for a modern office in my opinion. Plus, I like the minimalistic design of that range and the many possibilities for customization and configuration.

team by Brunner

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