nate - reflecting the good.

Good can be seen through new perspectives.

How do we ensure our development is sustainable?

By forging new paths. Creating new connections. Understanding what motivates our customers. By ensuring that profitability and sustainability are mutually dependent, not mutually exclusive. By adopting work methods that are fit for the future.

From the idea for an exceptional wooden chair evolved so much more: An entire product line. It took three years of development for nate to take shape – and the results speak for themselves.


A modern wooden chair

Designing a modern wooden chair involves more than simply analysing the material. Values, goals, nature – our attitude defines our products. "The future-oriented design of a product starts with the core not the outer shell", Steffen Kehrle firmly believes.

Key moment that had a profound impact on nate’s development

A minimalist industrial design

Impressed by the solid design foundation, Philip Brunner raised the idea of a steel tube version during a consultation meeting at the Innovation Factory. With that suggestion, he opened up the potential for the production of another new development and to meet market needs. He began intense discussions with Atelier Steffen Kehrle about this proposal. Thus, together, they expanded the product range for the market.

Setting new standards

Glue-free recycled plastic frame

Reflecting the good

Good comes from bold responses


Wood is an incredibly fascinating, sustainable material with a number of positive properties. We have questioned the status quo of its processing and familiar shapes and functions. State-of-the-art shaped wood technology added the finishing touch.

Dr. Marc Brunner


Starting with that vision of a natural wooden chair, they ended up creating a full product range available in two designs.
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