Make the OFFICE feel like HOME.

Create team spaces with the oval feel-good lounge system.

NEW WORK – new cosiness.

Digital transformation. Globalisation. Social distancing. News can spread around the world in a matter of seconds. People can be contacted no matter where they are. And yet working from home and communicating online is creating distance and keeping people apart. Structural change – and knock-on cultural change – in the world of work has rarely been so dramatic, quick, or widespread. Brunner is working hard on the concept of NEW WORK and the opportunities and challenges it brings. As a leading industry innovator, we have taken it upon ourselves to find the answers people are looking for.

We firmly believe physical workplaces are essential for creating a sense of community, boosting team morale and fostering cooperation. And that’s exactly what oval does best. This modular lounge system can create work environments that are versatile, agile and attractive enough to bring teams together. oval upholstered furniture shapes and fosters an active network across departments, with information being shared at all levels. Communication only works this well when people talk face to face. There’s something different about how we express ourselves when sitting across from someone. We communicate more effectively, go into more depth and have more conviction.

oval provides the perfect seating solution in any space where people come together – coworking spaces, central areas, lounges, receptions, break zones and waiting areas. People can get down to business but also engage in informal chats – the most common form of networking and communication. This gives rise to synergies, ideas and task forces that can unleash their full potential without being restricted to one specific discipline or department.

Interior & identity

Bring values to life.

Any new lounge system for use in work environments and public spaces must acknowledge that many people have got used to working in the comfort of their own homes. Bringing the trend for cosy designs into the office to create feel-good vibes is a modern approach. And it’s no problem with oval.

Lounges | Central areas | Coworking spaces | Waiting areas

Bring teams together.

oval was created to boost the feel-good factor in offices, lounges and waiting areas through agile and inviting seating landscapes and work environments. The elegant and homely design of the furniture acts as a source of inspiration, while the perfectly coordinated colour combinations bring a sense of balance.

That all feeds into creative processes, which thrive on spontaneity, brainstorming and interaction. Teams are brought closer together, fully aware of the strengths and skills they possess between them. People become more efficient, flexible and adaptable. All good news when things are constantly changing.

Individuality. Concentration. Collaboration.

For me. For you. For us.

oval is a modular system of upholstered furniture that is so versatile and has so many options that everyone can work with the exact space they have available, filling it with benches, lounge chairs, stools, seating islands and booths to suit them. Straight or curved. For one person or a group. Open or private. Discreet or detailed. Casual or ergonomic. Whatever the configuration, oval is made for creating ideal settings for communication, conversation and relaxation.

And there are even more ways to make work, networking and breaks more comfy, enjoyable and flexible, with the option to add casters, swivelling tablet tables, built-in tray tables, electrical connections and media integration depending on the model.

Alternating between open upholstered furniture and configurations with built-in panels – with two heights to choose from for the backrests – is a clever business move and fun design choice. Soft cushions are the perfect finishing touch. Structural panels can be added to create seating areas for groups and individuals.

You end up with extravagant seating landscapes and work environments that divide the space up seamlessly in a way that encourages people to talk to each other. Rooms are organised in a flowing circular format that slows down the pace and allows people to see who else is around.


What makes oval so unique?

All oval upholstered furniture has a distinctive double seam around the seats and panels. There’s also the option to add leather joint stitching as a striking design feature around the seat upholstery. Different colours can be chosen for this and all these other elements – panels, cushions, seat upholstery, frames, table tops, table edging and tablet table frames. Whether you stay on brand or create your own colour scheme, your oval furniture will be unique to you.

The sleek design makes hygienic floor cleaning easier. In fact, oval frames are so sleek that they create the illusion that the premium moulded foam upholstery with pocket spring core inserts is floating – and they have minimal contact with the floor. Design choices include the coating shades and detachable rounded oak tubes with a natural look and feel. The frames also come in two heights – a low lounge height for relaxation and social gatherings and an ergonomic desk height for collaboration and concentration.